Well drilling and water purification

Clean water – now and in the future

Purification water fountain in Kyoto, Japan with liquid running from spout faucet

At Dansand®, we develop and deliver products that ensure the quality of our water resources.

Since our beginnings in 1971, we have supplied filter sand for filter construction in well drilling and for water treatment in waterworks and treatment plants. We manufacture all types of filter sand from our washed, dried and sorted silica sand, and we deliver in accordance with DS / EN 12904: 2005.

We also supply products that meet the needs associated with water that must be discharged to the recipient. Process and wastewater from industrial plants, surface water from roads, sports facilities, etc. may contain pollutants that damage our lakes, streams and groundwater reservoirs – such as heavy metals, phosphorus compounds and pesticides.

DANSAND® Filter Soil and DANSAND®® Blueguard are natural filter media that absorp many of the problem substances that can occur in the water in an efficient and low-cost manner. The products form the basis for simple, reliable filter systems and work without the use of chemicals or advanced technology.

Together with our filter sand products, DANSAND® Filter Soil and DANSAND® Blueguard are our contribution to ensuring clean water – now and in the future.