Dansand Skeletjord

Keeps roots under ground


Dansand® Framework Soil are shingles (60 – 80 mm) mixed with Danvækst® tree soil – a specially developed root zone mix.


Framework soil from Dansand® efficiently prevents roots from seeking upwards and destroying the surface and surroundings such as bicycle stands. The mixture of root zone mix and singles is carefully measured, where just 80 % of the cavity part is filled to prevent compressing of the root medium.


The cavity section in the stone framework is measured for every delivery of stones, in a box of 1 m3. It is important to mix soil and stones again after transport as the materials easily become separated.

Benefits of Dansand® framework soil
  • Stops roots from penetrating surface paving
  • Efficient mix of stones and soil


Once you have chosen the framework you need to consider the type of soil:
Danvækst® tree soilDANSAND® top soil for avenuesDANSAND® framework raw soil
Natural fertiliser


Mineral fertiliser


Grodan + mineral fertiliser



Covered and without risk of contamination.



Delivered in bulk.

Environmental information and disposal

Framework soil should be disposed of in accordance with local requirements.



Framework soil is used in plant holes where the framework consists of stone, typically 60/80 mm or 80/125 mm.


Fill approx. 80 vol.% of the cavity with Danvækst® tree soil, DANSAND® top soil for avenues or DANSAND® Framework raw soil. It is important for the function that all cavities are filled with growth soil so that the roots are guided in the intended direction. To ensure optimal filling of growth soil in the cavities between the stones, the soil must either be compacted or watered down in layers approx. 25 cm thick.

The extent of the framework soil should match the expected root zone of the tree. It is important to mix the soil and stones after transport, as they separate easily.

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Stone skeleton built of granite shards or pumice