The leading Danish supplier of sand products


We offer a large selection of products that consist of either pure sand or sand enriched with various nutrients and minerals. Here you will find products for construction, industry, sports facilities, playgrounds and for the do-it-yourself people.

Over the years, we have established ourselves as the market’s preferred supplier of sand in the professional and private market. We are specialists in sand. In fact, we are so specialised that we also produce sand according to specifications so that it gets the exact grain curve that our customers demand.

At Dansand, we are very committed to producing environmentally friendly alternatives that support sustainable progress.  In our product range you will find, for example, a number of products that promote sensible management of water resources. However, sand for water purification is only a small part of the many purposes that our more than 20 different sorts constitute.

You are also guaranteed products that meet current environmental requirements.

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