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DANSAND® Care is our top layer for riding arenas – tested by STRI in Great Britain and produced exclusively from pure, light-colored silica sand.


DANSAND® Care is washed to be entirely free from clay. Clay will typically settle as a watertight membrane over the gravel foundation and keep rainwater from draining away, resulting in a soft and unstable foundation over time.


DANSAND® Care has a precise and well-defined grain curve, eliminating all clay or other additives. Pure and clean, the silica sand can be compacted to form a solid and well-drained arena. It also retains moisture, ensuring a firm and uniform arena year after year.


The high breaking strength of the silica sand prevents the sand from being crushed under the hoofs of the horses. Correctly maintained the sand will lose neither structural nor breaking strength, even after many years of use.


DANSAND® Care is tested by STRI in Great Britain
Tests were carried out using infrared X-ray measurements to demonstrate which sand types have the lowest impact on the motion apparatus of horses in both dressage and jumping.


The high breaking strength of the silica sand prevents it from being crushed under the hooves of the horse, leaving structure and breaking strength intact.


The tests measured kickback effect and landing back stroke to demonstrate the impact and stress on back, tendons, distal joints and hoof joints on jumps and landings.



The tests focused on the horse’s surface contact and the impact point of the hoof in the sand. A loose surface will lead to variations in impact and consequently varying stresses on the distal and hoof joints and tendons. A surface which is too hard will limit the hoof impact point to just the surface of the shoe.


Benefits of DANSAND® Care
  • Retains moisture in the surface layer
  • Provides good springiness
  • Based on pure natural materials (no synthetic materials used)
  • Long product life
  • Limits stress on the horses’ motion apparatus and load-bearing body parts



Product name: Dansand®Care


PropertiesTesting methodExpected valueVariation range
Average grain size - mmEN 933-10.120.10-0.14
Density – kg/m³DS/EN 1097-626402620-2660
SiO2 – %XRF95 %> 92 %

Analysis data should be considered as guidance only. The raw material is a natural product whose composition may vary.



The product is delivered loose as a bulk item.



Under cover and with no risk of contamination.

Environmental information and disposal

To be disposed of in accordance with current regulations.




DANSAND® Care is used as a top layer where the highest possible quality is needed. To gain all benefits of the product it is vital to ensure that the substrates are constructed according to best practice.

For advice on planning and implementation please consult our distributor ridebane.dk .<

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