Geologically speaking

High quality silica sand is a valuable raw material found in just a few places in Denmark such as near Addit in Central Jutland. The silica sand found here is of a particularly high quality.

Several products and solutions that we take for granted and which bind modern infrastructure together are based on silica sand – from concrete elements and wind turbine foundations to filters for drinking water and the white stripes on road surfaces.

Unlike more common types of sand that were formed during the last ice age 10-15 thousand years ago, quartz sand is the result of more than 22 million years of geological development.

The sand has a high content of silica, high chemical purity and a high melting point. This makes it an indispensable raw material for industrial use, e.g. as core sand in the metal casting industry, as a basis for special concrete types, mortars and putties, or for beautiful, uniform and durable joints.

Here you can read about the geological background for our silica sand and the processes we employ when transforming the sand from raw material to finished product.