For half a century, Dansand has created unique and valuable solutions based on silica sand. It has been our ambition to gain recognition as the market’s leading producer of refined silica sand products, while offering our employees a meaningful and attractive workplace.

Since our beginnings in 1971, we have been aware that we are an integral part of society, and that there is a social responsibility involved in running a business – a responsibility that we are happy to take on.

The world today faces challenges that can only be solved through joint efforts. In Dansand, we have carried out an analysis work to uncover the company’s impact on the outside world. Step by step, we have reviewed our value chain and identified four focus areas where we believe we can make a positive difference – now and in the future.

Utilise silica sand to the maximum
A large part of the products that we all take for granted in everyday life are based on silica sand – from drinking water filters and offshore wind turbine foundations to white marking stripes on the roads. Silica sand is necessary for us to maintain and expand the modern infrastructure, and therefore we see it as one of our most important tasks to make optimal use of the deposits in the subsoil. We plan our extraction and production in such a way that all fractions of the raw sand are utilised to the maximum. Nothing is wasted.
Production with a focus on humans and on the environment

As a production company, we leave an environmental footprint. We are very aware of this and constantly try to minimise our negative impact. We work partly to manage our resource consumption and waste volumes properly and partly to reduce our energy consumption and associated CO2 emissions.

We have established a fine-mesh system for handling all waste, and we are constantly working to replace risky substances with environmentally friendly alternatives and phase out the use of virgin plastic in our packaging.

To reduce Dansand’s energy consumption, we have implemented a number of measures such as replacing all conventional light sources with LED lighting, and we are continuously phasing out energy-heavy production equipment in favour of more efficient models. But we are also working to find solutions that enable us to achieve new, long-term and ambitious goals for minimising our CO2 emissions for the benefit of our business and the world around us.

Plant forest and work for biodiversity

Over time our silica sand reserves will become depleted. It is important to make plans in advance in order to re-establish the areas from which we extract the sand. We do this in collaboration with nature conservation and forest management specialists as well as with the local community. In addition to re-establishing our own areas we also participate in local projects outside of our own area. We focus in particular on replanting forests with a high degree of biodiversity – to the benefit of plant life, animal life, humans and the ecological balance.

We offer a safe and secure workplace

Consideration for a safe working environment takes precedence over all other considerations in Dansand. Safety is a common concern and is thought of in all aspects of the work, from the idea to a project being hatched until the finished solution is implemented. We are constantly working to improve our procedures and continuously train all employees. The goal is 0 work accidents.

Using UN sustainability goals as a framework

As the overall framework for our sustainability efforts, we have chosen the UN’s World Goals 12 and 15. The choice has fallen on these two goals, because they relate directly to Dansand’s core business. We are a production company as well as a raw material extractor that utilises the earth’s resources, and as such we have a duty to produce in a responsible manner and to leave a nature in balance for the next generations.

No. 15: Life on land
No. 12: Responsible production and consumption