For a clean and weed-free path


DANSAND® path gravel is developed for the construction of busy paths, squares, roads and squares. The ladder gravel can be used as a base layer, top layer and total layer as well as as leveling and setting material. In addition, DANSAND® path gravel is suited as a drainage layer for sports fields.


The product, which consists of sea materials from the North Sea, is free of humus and weeds and made exclusively from cubic, completely crushed materials from 0 to 8 mm.


This provides good packing and load-bearing capacity, and ensures that the material does not easily disperse to the surrounding area. It is therefore only necessary to lay out DANSAND® path gravel in one layer. The result is robust, durable paths that are resistant to tracks in wet periods and reduce the risk of puncturing bicycle tires, etc.


DANSAND® path gravel has a beautiful, natural colour that blends in well with the surroundings.

Benefits of DANSAND® path gravel
  • Quick and easy to lay
  • Homogeneous surface that is easy to refill
  • Provides a non-slip and frost-proof surface
  • Keeps weeds away
  • Can be watered up to concrete hard surface



Gravel0-5 %
Coarse sand60-75 %
Fine sand15-30 %
Silt2-4 %
Clay2-4 %
Loss on ignition3-6 %



Store under cover and with no contamination risk.



Delivery with tipping semi-trailer in shipments of 35-40 tons (20-23 m3) = 230 m2 to a thickness of 10 cm.


Physical properties

Crushed material 0-8 mm


Environmental information and disposal

Path gravel is not to be classified as dangerous according to the Danish Environmental Protection Agency’s rules for classification and labelling. Residues are to be handed in at a recycling station. Please check your local legislation.



Apply the gravel by machine or by hand in a layer with a thickness of approx. 10 cm. Due to its good load-bearing capacity and with no stones larger than 8 mm, DANSAND® path gravel only needs to laid in one layer. After watering and vibrating, the gravel will settle approx. 15%. You can compact the material to a density almost like concrete. Adjust and rake the surface to give it a well-groomed appearance.

Add more material to the surface if depressions or subsided areas appear.


To avoid erosion and standing water, make sure to create a correct slope of 25 ‰.

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