Sand know-how. 

Dansand is Denmark’s leading sand specialist. Our refined silica sand is used in construction, industry, sports facilities, playgrounds and for do-it-yourself projects. Us the search box or menu to find the sand product you need.

Dansand wishes you a merry Christmas and
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Our offices and warehouses will be closed December 22 at 11.30 a.m. - January 2. We look forward to assisting you again in 2024.

We supply filter sand for well drilling and water purification in waterworks and sewage treatment facilities. Read more here

Golf courses require specialised sand products – we deliver it all, from tee to bunker and all the way to the green. Read more here

Looking for tips and tricks to keep your outdoor pavings clean and attractive-looking all year round? Read more here

Groundwater without heavy metals? This is how.

With Blueguard® from Dansand, it is possible to filter heavy metals from surface water before reaching the recipient – simple and environmentally friendly.

Even a hole in the ground requires knowledge.

Sand is not just sand – our products are made from refined silica sand of the highest quality, and this requires experience, knowledge and passion.

Delivery time: 22 million years

Silica sand is a valuable resource that forms the basis for a large number of important products in our everyday lives.See where our sand comes from
Gizzard stones for chickens, ducks and turkeys
Birds cannot chew their food, so they use their gizzard to crush the food they eat. To this end, they swallow pebbles, gravel and sand, and Dansand’s silica sand is used as a dietary supplement for smaller birds.
Ballast for high-speed ferries
The material used as ballast in large ships must pack tightly, be easy to insert and at the same time be stable so that it does not shift while at sea. At the bottom of high-speed ferries and many other large ships are tonnes of silica sand delivered by us.
3D printing of houses
Believe it or not, people are actually experimenting with 3D printing of houses! Our silica sand is ideal for this purpose and is used in most pilot projects across the world.
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