Dansand Skeletraajord

Optimum growth conditions for urban trees


DANSAND® Skeleton tree soil has been developed for planting trees in urban zones where compaction of growing soil is undesirable. Skeleton soil consists of sand, compost, sphagnum and Osmocote. It is an effective mixture that gives the trees in the urban space optimal growth conditions.


The nutrients in DANSAND® Skeleton tree soil will dissolve in step with the roots’ need for nutrition, giving the trees a completely optimal start to growth and minimising the need for constant care. The process is enhanced by three different types of Osmocote, which slowly release the fertilisers continuously during the first 18 months.


DANSAND® Skeleton tree soil can be used on its own or in combination with framework soil.

Benefits of Dansand® skeleton raw soil®
  • Provides optimal growth conditions for trees in the urban space
  • Slow nutrient release
  • Minimum need for care
  • High aeration ensures good oxygenation and water supply




Coarse sand - %30 - 50
Fine sand - %10 - 40
Silt - %1 – 5
Clay - %2 - 5
Humus - %4.12


6.5 – 7.14 - 730 - 458 - 15

Analysis data should be considered as guidance. The raw material is a natural product whose composition may vary.



Under cover and with no risk of contamination



Delivered as loose bulk.


Environmental information and disposal

Prevent dust. DANSAND® Skeleton tree soil contains mineral soil improvers and must be disposed of in accordance with local regulations.



DANSAND® Skeleton tree soil is used directly in the hole when planting trees and large shrubs. The plant hole does not have to be deep, but must instead be as wide as possible. The sides of the hole must be sloping and loosen effectively so that compaction does not prevent root growth1.


DANSAND® Skeleton tree soil can also be used in plant holes with framework soil. 80 % of the skeleton cavity is to be filled with skeleton tree soil. It is critical that all cavities are filled with growth soil so that the roots are guided in the right direction. To ensure optimal filling of growth soil in the cavities between the stones, the soil must either be vibrated or watered down in layers of approx. 25 cm thick.

The skeleton top soil must have an extent corresponding to the expected root zone of the tree. It is important that growing soil and stones are mixed after transport, as the materials easily separate.

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