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DANSAND® Filter sand helps safeguard the quality of our water reserves. This uncompromising product is a popular choice as a filter medium for well drilling and the construction of water filters.

Production of filter sand takes place in a highly controlled process. We wash the silica sand to remove all clay and dust, sort it and dry it using natural gas to ensure that it is entirely free from bacteria. Finally we sift the sand to achieve a uniform and precisely defined filter sand quality.


DANSAND® Filter sand is sold to well drillers all over Denmark and Germany. Used in combination with Bentonite the products gives maximum water flow in the well.


Dansand® filter sand can be made in special grades as per agreement. Our standard grades can be seen below.
In addition to the grades mentioned we also offer substrates in three grades:

8-16 mm
16-32 mm
32-64 mm

The substrate is constructed using rounded lake stones that are washed and sorted. These can also be desinfected if so desired.

Benefits of DANSAND® Filter sand
  • Uniform sand
  • Washed to remove all clay and dirt
  • No bacteria
  • Maximum water flow in the well
  • Can be delivered in special grades as per agreement

Product specification


Washed, oven-dries, sterile and sifted filter sand, filter gravel and filter stones.



Dry, under cover and with no contamination hazard.


Environmental information and disposal

Keep dust in check. Packaging and used filter material must be disposed of in accordance with current rules and regulations.


  • 25 and 15 kg bags (15 kg only for certain grades)
  • 1000, 1250 and 1500 kg big bags
  • Can be delivered in bulk by truck as per agreemenbt


From the tanker truck, the filter sand can be filled into filters at waterworks using water through a hose to limit the formation of new dust. Instructions are always included for proper filling of water filters.
Together with the sand, we provide a sifting analysis that documents the quality. Dansand® stores the analysis and a physical sample of the delivered sand for five years from delivery

00,40-0,80 mmmax. 5%max. 5%1.51,586
10,40-0,90 mmmax. 5%max. 5%1.51,605
20,71-1,25 mmmax. 5%max. 5%1.51,622
30,90-1,60 mmmax. 10%max. 10%1.51,63
41,00-2,00 mmmax. 10%max. 10%1.51,575
51,40-2,50 mmmax. 10%max. 10%1.51,574
62,00-3,55 mmmax. 10%max. 10%1.51,582
73,15-5,60 mmmax. 10%max. 10%1.51,579
84,00-9,00 mmmax. 10%max. 10%1.51,578

D10/D60 = degree of non-uniformity
Overgrain/undergrain max. = maximum allowed % grains over/under sift

Produced according to DS/EN 12904.


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