Dansand Alletraesmuld

Ideal start-up and growth conditions for most plants

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Sand mixed with sphagnum, fertilizers and Grodan granules


DANSAND® Plant Mixture + is a homogeneous plant soil, which provides optimal start-up and growth conditions for most plants. The mixture consists of sand, sphagnum, compost, and a wide range of fertilizers. It has an airy, porous texture, which provides the roots with extra oxygenation and supplies of water.


The added fertilizers dissolve slowly in step with the roots’ need for nutrition. This process is enhanced by two different types of slow-release fertilizers that release the nutrients within the first 8-18 months after application.


Plant Mixture + is heat-treated. This is done by controlled composting – also called hygienisation. Thanks to this process the mixture is completely weed-free upon delivery.


Plant Mix + provides your plants with ideal growth start conditions. At the same time, you will find that the need for continuous nutrient supply and weeding in the plant bed is minimal in the beginning.

Benefits of DANSAND® Plant Mixture+
  • Provides optimal growth start conditions for most plants
  • Also suitable for perennials
  • Homogeneous and weed-free mixture
  • Long-term release of nutrients
  • Minimal need for care
  • High airiness provides good oxygenation




Phosphorus - Pt9 - 12
Potassium - Kt70 - 80
Magnesium - Mgt15 - 25
Sodium – So9 - 13
Conductivity0.7 – 1.5


Coarse sand - %60 - 70
Fine sand - %8 - 20
Silt - %4 – 8
Clay - %7 - 9
Humus - %4.3


The heat treatment (hygienisation) is done through a so-called, controlled composting as instructed by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, ” Vejledning fra Miljøstyrelsen Nr. 1 2010”. Plantevenlig porøsitet.


Analysis data should be considered as guidance only. The raw material is a natural product whose composition may vary.



Covered and without risk of contamination.


Delivered in bulk. Plant Mixture+ is produced to order. This means that the product is newly produced and fresh on delivery.

Environmental information and disposal

Dust must be controlled. Plant Mixture + contains mineral soil improvers and must be disposed of in accordance with current, local regulations.



DANSAND® Plant mixture + is used as a growth layer in plant beds, plant holes, raised beds, etc. Apply in the desired layer thickness just before planting.