Optimum growth conditions for the grass


Grass reinforcement is a green alternative to paving stones and other surface coverings with moderate wear, but grass reinforcement modules create tough growing conditions for the grass and inhibits the development of the root network.


DANSAND® Grass Reinforcement Soil has been specially designed to ensure optimum growing conditions for the grass in a demanding environment. The product consists of sand, compost, sphagnum and clay granulate in a carefully balanced mix.


This is a very effective composition: Compost and spaghnum promote strong root development, making the grass resistant to wear from daily use and light traffic. The structure of the soil ensures that the grass is well aerated and gets a sufficient water supply in a hard growing environment.

DANSAND® Grass Reinforcement Soil is entirely free from weeds, easy to spread and can be used with or without grass reinforcement modules. Grass Reinforcement can also be used with macadam stones.


Benefits of DANSAND® Grass Reinforcement Soil
  • Specially developed for grass reinforcement
  • Optimum hydraulic conductivity
  • Ensures optimal root development
  • Weed-free
  • Easy to spread
  • Strong load carrying capacity



Analysis data should be considered as guidance. The raw material is a natural product whose composition may vary.



Covered and with no risk of contamination



Delivered in bulk


Environmental information and disposal

To be disposed of in accordance with current regulations. Prevent dust.



DANSAND® Grass Reinforcement Soil is used where a more sustainable alternative to paving stones is desirable or where rainwater raises challenges.


The area is constructed from permeable layers – grass reinforcement soil at the top laid out in reinforcement profiles or directly on top of macadam. Under this a permeable layer is created to retain water and guide it away from the area.

If fiber cloth, geotextiles or the like is used, permeability will be reduced, making it necessary to discharge retained water.


Due to its high robustness, DANSAND® Grass Reinforcement Soil can be used on its own. Optimum load carrying capacity can only be reached using grass reinforcement modules or gardener’s macadam.

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