Dansand Gartenweg

Scandinavian gravel for firm and stable garden paths


DANSAND® Gartenweg is a stable path gravel material that can be used as paving for garden paths, greenhouses, carports, between flower beds and around campfires. The finished mixture is easy to use and creates an instant non-slip, water-permeable and frost-proof path with a flexible surface that packs well.


Gartenweg is based on our long experience from the golf industry. Golf courses must meet a set of strict requirements in order to withstand the heavy load to which they are exposed. When you construct your own garden path, it pays to use products that comply with the same requirements – it makes the path much easier to build and maintain.


DANSAND Gartenweg® is manufactured in Denmark. The product is available in two colors: anthracite, which consists of crushed Scandinavian granite and natural binding agents, and nature, which is made of material from the North Sea and natural binding agents.

Benefits of DANSAND Gartenweg®
  • 100 % natural materials
  • Available in two beautiful colors: anthracite and natural
  • Scandivian granite (anthracite) or material from the North Sea (nature)
  • Strictly natural binding agents
  • Easy to use
  • No-slip
  • Water permeable
  • Frost-resistant



DANSAND Gartenweg® in the colour nature is made of material from the North Sea and natural binding agents. DANSAND Gartenweg® in the colour anthracite is made of Scandinavian granite and natural binding agents.



Frost-proof plastic foil. Plastic bags produced from PP.



Opened bags must be closed tightly.


Safety data sheets can be required from Dansand A/S by contacting us directly.



20 kg in frost-resistant plastic bags


Environmental information and disposal

Residues of DANSAND Gartenweg® must not be poured into the sewer system, but should be handed in at your local recycling station. Plastic bags are made of PP material, which are to be placed in a container for combustible waste or for recycling.

Physical properties
Grain size Dansand® Gartenweg, nature 0-8 mm
Grain size Dansand® Gartenweg, anthracite0-5 mm



Gravel for garden paths, greenhouses, carports, between beds or around campfires. Suitable for private use. Commercial use is not recommended.


Consumption: approx. 60 kg/m2

Laying depth: 30-40 mm minimum.


How to do it


The material can be distributed directly on the ground. However, the substrate must be smooth and stable. We recommend that the substrate is compacted using a plate vibrator before laying the gravel.


If the path is exposed to loads such as traffic, for example in carports, we advise you to first apply a sustainable screed layer. For a perfect result, we also recommend an edge protection to reduce subsidence.

Step 1
Remove all roots and weeds completely to prevent immediate re-growth.
Step 2
Spread the contents of the bag using a rake. Ensure that the layer is even at least 30-40 mm in depth.
Step 3
Compact the layer for a dense, stable surface. In dry weather conditions we recommend that you moisten the surface using a watering can or a garden hose.
Optimum solution: After moistening, compact the surface using a plate vibrator or a garden drum.

Easy solution: Compact the layer using a hand tamper or a shovel.
Step 4
Should minor bumps occur, use a rake to smooth the path. The same applies to depressions caused by repeated traffic in e.g. carports. If larger holes appear, fill the cavity and compact with either a hand tamper or plate vibrator. First remove all weeds so you can enjoy the newly laid path or driveway for as long as possible. Fight moss and algae with suitable means.

Additional information




Product designation:



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dark, Nature


Dark – 600701, Nature – 600700

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