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Sand is not just sand. Not all sand types are suitable for usage in the sandbox. Certified and monitored by third parties, DANSAND® sandbox sand is a high-quality that lives up to Dancert’s supplementary regulations regarding sand for sandboxes.
Thanks to its well-defined and precise grain curve, Dansand® Sandbox sand is easy to shape and form, easy to build with and does not damage clothes or toys.
DANSAND® sandbox sand is washed entirely clean of clay and organic matter. On delivery it contains no organic matter, heavy metals, or PAH compounds. The product is odor-less and will not miscolor the childrens’ clothes.

Benefits of DANSAND® sandbox sand
  • Dancert A/S certified
  • No clay, heavy metals, or PAH compounds
  • Can be delivered in 20 kg bags
  • No miscoloring of clothes
  • Easy to shape



DANSAND® sandbox sand is a washed sand product for use in sandboxes.

The product is monitored by our third-party Dancert A/S under certificate no. G052-02.



Covered and with no risk of contamination



Delivered in bulk


Environmental information and disposal

Used sandbox sand can be used as topdressing for the lawn or as soil improvement in flower beds.






Sandbox sand with good shapeability for use in sandboxes. Washed clean for organic matter, heavy metals and PAH compounds.


DANSAND® sandbox sand should be laid out according to table 1. We recommend the establishment of a control and maintenance schedule for DANSAND® sandbox sand.

Sandboxes should be placed on a well drained surface so that rainwater can be drained from the sand.


It is a good idea to keep the sandbox covered when not in use. All impurities such as leaves, twigs, pebbles, soil or broken glass are to be removed at once.


Ensure that the DANSAND® sandbox sand is regularly raked and topped up.

Table 1

Recommended layer thickness200 - 300 mm

Calculating the correct amount of sand

Use this formula to calculate the appropriate sand amount: Length X width X 30 cm (depth) = number of m3 needed.


1 m3 of Dansand® Sandbox sand weights 1.5 tonnes.