From tee to green without fried eggs


DANSAND Sandsave® is our premium bunker sand. Sandsave® is suitable for all levels of golf. It is soft to hit through and will pack perfectly, almost entirely reducing the fried-egg effect. Due to its strong packing ability Sandsave® can be used at face angles up to 25-30 degrees.


The grain curve is precise and well-defined, following the USGA recommendations. This ensures that golfers will experience uniform playing conditions in both wet and dry weather. Sandsave® consists almost entirely of grains with a diameter of less than 1 mm.


This is your guarantee that if the sand is struck onto the green, the grains will not damage mowing equipment, saving the golf course the expense of having to sharpen mowing knives excessively.


In dry conditions, Sandsave® presents a light cream color.


Benefits of Sandsave®
  • Soft when hitting through
  • Packs well
  • Prevents fried-egg effect
  • Can be used on the face with angles up to 25-30 degrees
  • Contains only few grains over 1 mm



Analysis data should be considered as guidance only. The raw material is a natural product whose composition may vary.


Covered and with no risk of contamination



The product is delivered loose as a bulk item.









First, remove all loose sand and check that the sand layer at the bottom can be compacted to a firm foundation without the loss of draining effect. Avoid the formation of a depression in the sand when compacting, so that standing water is never present during rain or watering.


The sand layer must be 20 – 30 cm deep and must be compacted using a roller or a tamper. Fill up depressions and avoid steep inclines using extra sand.


Water the sand thoroughly before rolling for perfect compacting. Lightly rake the sand bed and distribute a layer of Sandsave® approx. 8 – 10 cm deep.

Your bunker is now a punishing obstacle giving players with the proper technique their chance to get out safely. On vertical impact a fried egg will form, but the ball will not become buried.


This bunker will be easy to maintain from day to day and will present minimum kicked-up sand on the green.

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