At Dansand, we strive to show our customers and partners the way to unique and valuable solutions based on quartz sand. But we also want to show the way when it comes to offering a good and meaningful workplace. That is why our everyday life is based on four core values. They are the compass that sets the direction for everything we do in Dansand – in everyday life and when long-term decisions have to be made.


Care means that we

  • do not compromise on safety
  • are concerned with creating quality
  • communicate carefully and precisely so everyone knows what they need to do
  • only deliver goods that are in order
  • learn from our mistakes and do not hide them
  • creates trust because you can count on the agreements you have with us
  • take care of the environment

Progress means that we

  • are constantly on the move, never being “satisfied”
  • become impatient when things go slowly
  • are first-movers
  • are not happy to be the best – we want to be better still
  • are robust to adversity
  • enjoy taking leadership

Togetherness means that we

  • enjoy that we are not all alike
  • actively choose to cooperate
  • take care of each other
  • create trust
  • share successes
  • have respect for each other
  • do not bully each other
  • appreciate the value of the individual
  • have fun

Honesty means that we

  • have strong moral standards
  • are fair and see things from more than one perspective
  • have a strong sense of justice – right is right
  • respect others within or outside of the company
  • keep our promises