About us

Denmark’s leading specialist producer of sand products

1/3 of our production is exported
22 million years of geology
20+ different sand blends
50+ years of experience
500,000 tonnes of sand per year

We work to create unique and valuable solutions based on silica sand from the Central Jutland subsoil. Every year, we extract and produce 500,000 tonnes of refined silica sand in more than 20 different blends – plus a wide range of special products. Our products are used in construction, industry, sports facilities, playgrounds, for the do-it-yourself market and in the environmental sector.

The fine silica sand originates from a 22 million year old formation in the Central Jutland subsoil.

But sand is not just sand. Sand is a specialised product that requires knowledge. From the moment we extract the sand from the subsoil until it ends up as a finished product, it undergoes a number of technically demanding refining processes. We wash and grade the sand, dry and sift it in different fractions and in some cases also add additives to the sand.

In this way, we develop unique sand products that enable our customers to cast foundations for offshore wind turbines, purify drinking water, produce mortar for house construction, create world-class golf courses and sports stadiums or enjoy beautiful, weed-free paving joints on their patio.

Through experience, expertise and enthusiasm, we have established ourselves as the market’s preferred producer of refined silica sand – both for professional use and in the do-it-yourself market.

About a third of our revenue comes from exports to Germany, Austria, Norway, Sweden, England and the Netherlands.