Tips and tricks

Here you will find all our best tips, tricks and advice for achieving the best possible result with our efficient joint filling products.

Which joint filling material should I choose?

You have a wide variety of options for creating an outdoor paving with a personal touch.

How do I renovate my paving joints?

There are essentially three different ways to renovate paving joints – see them here.

The function of paving joints

A nice and well-kept joint is the finishing touch to any paved surface. The joint highlights colours, structures and patterns, and it visually binds the stones together into a beautiful whole.

DANSAND® joint filling sand

DANSAND® joint filling sand gives you an attractive end result with little effort.

DANSAND® Stone dust

Our dark granite stone dust packs extra well in the joint – and creates very little dust. The product is suitable for both narrow and wide joints.


Find useful tips and tricks for DANSAND TOP LOCK®, our premium product for stable, flexible and water-permeable paving joints.


DANSAND Kerama® is a nutrient-poor filling material specially developed for joints between ceramic outdoor tiles on patios and garden paths.