There are two types of weeds: weed seeds that are spread by the wind and weeds that spread through the root system. Both types can damage your paving. Weeds that are spread by the wind easily find a foothold between your tiles, especially if there is a lack of joint material. It is very difficult to remove weeds from a joint that is only a few millimeters wide, but weed seeds can easily find their way down and start to germinate.

With DANSAND® NO GROW™, weeds have extremely difficult conditions to thrive – naturally and without the use harmful substances. If you fill your joints with DANSAND TOP LOCK®, a solid membrane forms in the upper part of the joint. This membrane is resistant to wind and weather and makes it impossible for weed seeds to penetrate into the joint.

We have added a mineral additive to DANSAND® joint filling sand, DANSAND® Stone dust and DANSAND Kerama®. The mineral has a naturally high pH value, which creates a nutrient-poor environment in your joints. The weed seeds dry out and can neither take root nor germinate.

For the material to work properly, the joint must be made correctly. A properly executed joint is at least 3 mm wide , well-compressed and completely filled to the edge or bevel of the stone.

The NO GROW series ensures easy and efficient joint filling. The joint materials are oven-dried, which makes it easy to distribute them in the joints. In addition, all NO GROW products are characterised by a slightly angular grain structure and an optimal distribution of small and medium-sized grains. The advantage is that the materials pack optimally and provide durable, stable and at the same time flexible joints.

How NO GROW differs from ordinary beach sand

  • Ordinary beach sand consists of round grains of sand. Round sand grains cannot grip each other and will not settle properly in the joint.
  • Joint material from the NO GROW series consists of angular sand grains with an optimal grain curve. The joint material packs perfectly in the joint and creates durable, stable and flexible joints.