Perfect joints. Minimal maintenance.

DANSAND® Joint Filling Sand

DANSAND® joint filling sand is easy to use and durable. The product is dried and based on fine round-edged silica sand, which makes it easy to distribute in the joints.
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DANSAND TOP LOCK® is a durable polymeric bloc paving fix which is easy to use.
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Our dark granite stone dust is a strong choice for both wide and narrow joints between concrete tiles and natural paving stones.
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DANSAND Kerama® is a joint filling material for joints between ceramic tiles in patios and outdoor paths.
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You’ll know this problem for sure: green weeds popping up between the tiles on your patio or your driveway. These stubborn plants do not just tarnish the overall look of the paving slabs either – over time they will cause damage as well. The roots will cause stones to sink, rise or shift to the side. Weeds can also increase the permeability of the joint, making the paving susceptible to frost and settlement damage.

Luckily there is a solution: DANSAND® NO GROW™.

NO GROW™ is a series of highly effective joint-filling materials designed for patios, garden paths and driveways with light traffic.

Filling joints with DANSAND® TOP LOCK™, for example, means the weeds will not stand a chance. TOP LOCK® guarantees a solid joint that will act as a physical shield against weed seeds.

The NO GROW™ series also includes joint-filling sand and stone dust with a higher pH value. This high pH value creates a nutrient-poor growth environment in the joints, making it easy for you to care for your paving so that looks good and remains intact for many years to come.

Path gravel for fixed paths

In addition to the joint materials, we offer Scandinavian path gravel for beautiful and stable paths in the garden, in the carport or between the flower beds. The product is easy to use and creates an instant non-slip, water-permeable and frost-proof path that blends in nicely and naturally with the surroundings.

Get started on your next project

If you need help getting started with your next joint project, you’re in the right place. With our coverage calculator, you can quickly and easily find out how much material you need to order. Here we have also gathered a number of good tips on how to reach your goal with a nice result that lasts for many years.

Tips and Tricks

Here you will find all our best tips, tricks, and advice for achieving the best possible result with our efficient joint filling products.