New treatment plant for Jordrens Syd

Jordrens Syd prevents the release of heavy metals with a simple, low-tech solution from Dansand.
As an environment company, Jordrens Syd is committed to complying with all regulatory requirements. The company stores, cleans and recycles surplus soil and construction waste, which typically contains various types of contaminates.

In particular, these include heavy metals which, in too high concentrations, are harmful to the aquatic environment and it is therefore important that they are handled responsibly.

The authorities often require the heavy metals content in wastewater and surface water to be minimised before the water can be discharged into fjords, lakes and streams, or be allowed to seep into the soil. Private homeowners who have a zinc or copper roof, sports clubs with artificial grass pitches, industrial companies, shipyards and recycling centres may therefore be required to treat their water.

DANSAND® Blueguard forms the basis for simple, low-tech installations. 

Requirement for treatment solution at new branch in Ringe

This was the case when Jordrens Syd opened a new reception centre in Ringe. The South Jutland-based environment company wanted to be able to discharge excess surface water into the storm drain if necessary, but as the water can contain leached heavy metals from the construction waste handled by the company, the municipality required them to have a treatment solution. Without this, the necessary environmental authorisation could not be granted, and Jordrens Syd would not have been able to open its doors to its customers.

Jesper Boisen, Managing Director, explains: “Our production processes have a strong environmental focus, so it is crucial for us to comply with all regulatory requirements.”

Economically viable solution without chemicals or electricity

Jesper Boisen and his team set about researching the market for treatment solutions. After discussing the options with the Technical Management team, a Blueguard filter system from Dansand was chosen.

“Dansand’s filter system was the most economically viable way for us to comply with the municipality’s discharge requirements. It is a low-tech solution that does not require the use of chemicals, electricity or the installation of expensive equipment,” continues Jesper Boisen.

The solution consists of a simple well that is integrated into the other installations on site. A layer of Blueguard filter material sits at the top of the well. The material is composed of a natural mineral that binds dissolved heavy metals to its surface, preventing them from seeping through.

When it rains, excess rainwater from the site passes through the Blueguard filter system, absorbing the contaminants and allowing the purified water to be discharged via the storm drain.

DANSAND® Blueguard is spread in the well.
Up to 99% of heavy metals are removed

Steen Frantzen is an environmental specialist at Dansand and has been involved in advising Jordrens Syd. He says that Blueguard has been tested for several years in both the lab and in commercial settings:

“Blueguard has demonstrated very good cleansing properties. For a wide range of heavy metals, including zinc, copper and lead, Blueguard has shown purification rates of up to 99%,” he says.

“Furthermore, we’ve seen that Blueguard permanently binds the contaminants to its surface, so there is no leaching of heavy metals. This has the advantage that saturated filter material does not have to be discarded, but can be reused, for example, as filling material in construction. This is crucial at a time when it is becoming more and more apparent that we need to conserve our resources,” concludes Steen Frantzen.

DANSAND® Blueguard binds large amounts of heavy metals without releasing them again. 

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